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Principal's Corner

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Mr Gagnon
Principal Jared Gagnon

Safety Corner


 - Any time you come to campus, whether for a supply pick-up, library pick-up or any other reason, please be sure you are wearing your mask and remain 6 feet from our staff for the safety of everyone in our school community.
- Please have a conversation with your students about the inappropriate use of chat, chatrooms and Google docs as a chat room. Students should only be using their school Google accounts for school activities and assignments! We have been noticing that students are chatting throughout the day, diverting their attention from the tasks that are asked of them. Students are using the chat feature, chat rooms feature or create a Google doc, share it with one another and have just created their own chat room. This is very difficult to monitor as students continue to find ways to circumvent our oversight. Thus, we would encourage all families to talk to their students about the expectation that their Google accounts are just for school work and not to chat with one another. We appreciate your help and support in keeping all of our kids safe.